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November 29 2023

The “TEN HORNS” of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17 on the Timeline of the Common Era.

Their origin, relationship to nations, and the “Great Whore” of Revelation.

They are active today as the
“Guardians of Religious Freedom.”

Begin at the top left and follow the numbers and arrows for a quick look.
Notes below the Schematic.

An artistic Timeline for the Ten Horns of Daniel and Revelation, showing their origin in the Sixth Head of the First Beast and their actions such as: Siding with the Beast for one hour, fighting against the Lamb, being overcome by the Lamb, turning against the Great Whore and leaving her desolate and naked, bringing about Religious Freedom during the Millennium and serving today as the Guradians of  Religious Freedom."

Top left. The ten horns are identified, “Ten” being more of a symbolic number than a literal one, though ten nations, if not more, fit the prophecy.

Left middle. They are born of the Sixth Head of the First Beast of Revelation 13, during the time when the Dark Ages are ending and the Millennium is entering, from the 13th century to, more or less, the beginning of the 17th century. The three purple arrows indicate their origin.

The Sixth Head is the Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman Empire continued to 1453 of the Common Era, and the Western Roman Empire survived to the year 1806. The Ten Horns” grew out of the Sixth Head-Roman Empire and developed during its existence. An in-depth study on the "Duration of the Roman Empire and the Fictional Byzantine Empire is available on this website.

1. Left, under the Ten Horns. For just one hour” the Ten Horns side with the secular-political-false religion “Beast” from which they were born. During that short time of "one hour," they also fight against the Lamb, that is, against Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Not physically, of course, but against the people and forces on Earth that identify with him. Revelation 17:13-14

2. To the right of No. 1. The Lamb overcomes the Ten Horns-Nations. Revelation 17:14. This does not mean to save them as a whole nor in their state of secular nations, neither in a spiritual sense, but rather that they are overcome by the spread of powerful, light-filled Bible teachings so that in them God may “carry out his purpose, which, in this context, is, basically, to bring about religious freedom in the world by getting them to cast off the spell of deceit and break the chains of church-state bonds that had held them captive for so long and provoked the to persecute and kill all who did not submit to the "great whore." Revelation 17:17

3. Green arrow pointing downward from No. 2 to No. 3 at the bottom of the schematic. Conquered by the Lamb and used by God for “his purpose,” the Ten Horns rise up against the “great whore” of politicized, persecuting churches, etc. Two red arrows point to three graphics relevant to this fulfilled prophecy: (a) The kings of earth fornicating with the “great whore,” (b) the properties of the “great whore” being vandalized and destroyed by the Ten Horns, and (c) the “great whore” walking in flames. Revelation 17:16

4. Upper middle. The Ten Horns are nations that legislate RELIGIOUS FREEDOM during the MILLENNIUM, maintaining and guaranteeing it. They are on the World Stage today as “Guardians of Religious Freedom.”

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM is the salient mark of the Millennium and the KEY to understanding it. The Millennium is a time when the nations represented by the Ten Horns are not deceived and manipulated by the "great whore" of politicized, morally and doctrinally corrupt churches.

Nations not deceived do not persecute nor kill people for their religious beliefs.

5. Extreme right middle. Loosed from the Bottomless Pit after being restrained there during the Millennium, Satan goes forth to deceive once again all the kings, that is, all the nations of the Earth, bringing about a transition from the Millennium of religious freedom to the “little while” of renewed persecutions. Revelation 20:7-8; 16:12-16

Dear reader, we are looking at Bible prophecies already fulfilled, and some being fulfilled today. Logically, this reality should motivate us to know where we ourselves are on the Timeline, each of us asking himself/herself: Am I on God’s side, or Satan’s? For the Creator God is the Author of these prophecies and Satan is but the Evil Spoiler and eternal Loser incapable of frustrating their fulfillment.

Any person in any place on the face of the whole Earth may take steps to side with the loving Creator God, who wants all people everywhere to be saved eternally, by obeying the simple yet profound terms set forth in the pure Gospel brought by his son Jesus Christ to all humankind. 

 taking place today, in the first half of the 21st Century?

A long-range prophecy by Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled 1,937 years after he made it. The times of the Gentile's rule over Jerusalem would come to an END! IT DID! Five easy-to-read slides with graphics.

A composite PowerPoint graphic of images of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Six Days War, plus a Laser Timeline from the year 30 to 1967 of the Common Era and texts identifying key events, illustrates the fulfillment of the prophecy by Jesus about the Times of the Gentiles.

The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets of Revelation are surely for Centuries XX and XXI. They are for me and you! TODAY! They throw light on what is happening in our world. Are you serious student of human life on planet Earth today? Why not take some of your valuable time to carefully read what the Fifth Trumpet sounds out for our time?

The Fifth Trumpet
Also called "the first woe."

Scene 1

The shaft to the bottomless pit is opened and “smoke” came out of it “like the smoke of a great furnace.”

Revelation 9:1-3

SIGNS taking place today in JEWS and GENTILES

The "MAN
of SIN
, the
Lawless One,

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Powerful Protagonist present on the World Stage of the 21st century who assures the continued fulfillment of relevant biblical prophecies
on the "little time" and the Last Day of Time.

is my 
Trusty Motor

I am, metaphorically, a "Ship of Life" and
is the name
of my Mainsail.

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