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June 6, 2023


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Chapter Ten of the Commentary

Revelation: Its Ongoing Relevancy and Fulfillment

The "thousand years" of Revelation

Popularly known as the...

Part 1

How long does the Millennium actually last?

Definitely not for the entire Common Era (Christian Age).


Prophecy fulfilled! Jesus of Nazareth prophesied that the Kingdom of God would be established on planet Earth during the lifetime of those who heard it in 30 CE. That is exactly just what happened!


A long-range prophecy by Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled 1,937 years after he made it. The times of the Gentile's rule over Jerusalem would come to an END! IT DID! 5 easy-to-read slides with graphics.

The prophecy that Jerusalem would be trampled by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles is fulfilled was made 1,937 years before it was fulfilled. Slide with text and graphics.
Times of Gentiles fulfilled in 1967 when Jerusalem became united under Jewish rule as a result of the Six Days War. Slide with text and graphics.
Graphics and texts in a slide on Jerusalem becoming the capitol of Israel, the Six Days War putting an end to the times of the Gentiles.
Photos, graphic, and texts in a slide reactions of people to  the subject of prophecies and prophecies as  light that shiines in dark place of the mind and spirit.
Graphics and texts in a slide highlighting how prophecies are a light that shines in dark places of the mind and heart, becoming facts when fulfilled, the basis for a strong faith.

Chapter 1, Part 5 of...
"Revelation: Its Ongoing Relevancy
and Fulfillment"

Initial considerations
for the study of Revelation

When was Revelation Written?


Problems with the Devil?*


An essential key to understanding the Bible is the abolition of the Old Testament in its entirety and the institution of the NEW. Read the NEW FIRST! Matthew, Acts, Hebrews, then the rest.

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