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Painting of a locust-like creature with a human face, horse body, and scorpion-like tale illustrates The Appearance of the Locusts of Revelation 9.

Painting in vivid reds and blacks representing the locusts of the Fifth Trumpet of Revelation.

A statue of the Egyptian god Anubis with the head of a jackal illustrates a kind of anthropomorphism of some ancient cultures, a factor that helps to understand some metaphors of Revelation.
Graphic of a humanoid warrior common in electronic games, and science fiction literature as a comparison for the use of symnbolical, metaphorical creatures in Revelation to project entities both human and spiritual.

This painting a a locust like a war horse with a human head and scorpion-like tail illustrates Equipped for battle in the description of the locusts of Revelation 9.

This painting highlights the hair like a woman's hair that the locusts of the Fifth Trumpet of Revelation have.

A photograph of the French feminist Imone de Beauvoir used in The Appearance of the Locusts of Revelation.

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