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Healing, Comfort, and Strength
for Mind, Spirit, and Body

Positive messages giving hope, inspiring, and strengthening through spiritual counsel. Beyond suffering, an eternity without it. Victory over Bad Thoughts. The admirable examples of Jesus, Job, Paul, and Timothy. Divine promises of magnificent rewards for the victors in true spiritual warfare. Command your mind. The roles of willpower and personal discipline.

IMMORTALITY. Do you already have it? Would you like to have it?

Problems with the Devil?

Conflict and War or Peace and Security. Which do you want? And I?

Making Beautiful Music in the Midst of Ruins

“A lot of fear in Faceoffs with Bad Thoughts

Surprising, Vivid, and Indelible IMPRESSIONS, Pleasing or Alarming, Registered by the Mind-Spirit. The highly instructive example of the Rich Man and Lazarus.

Who Can Tell Me What Love Is? Truly, I would like to know.

Benefits of Hurricanes, Floods, Tornados, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanos, and Other Phenomena of Nature

“Pure evil.But “God is in Control.” Is that really so? Twenty-nine school shootings in the USA alone since 2000. More in shopping centers and other public venues. Terrifying mass murder in Las Vegas.

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