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Artistic creation of a large symbol of Eternity in thick gold against a background composed of a scintillating wide cylinder in tones of purple made of segments of flat lengths of a metal-like material that lead into the far distance towards a bright white light, and under the symbol, the word Immortality in large gold letters.

Do you already have it?
Would you like to have it?

Multitudes of people around the earthly globe think they already have immortality by innate spiritual inheritance because they reason that since the spirit (usually synonymous with “soul” in Bible contexts) of every human being is engendered by the “Father of spirits” (Hebrews 12:9), the spirit of each would, therefore, be immortal. Well, sacred, yes, in virtue of its divine origin, but immortal by nature? Let us see.

The apostle Paul affirms that God the Creator and Father “alone possesses immortality,” identifying him as “the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords…” who “dwells in unapproachable light.” 1 Timothy 6:13-16. So then, as he is the one “alone” who possesses innate immortality, it is to be deduced, I reason, that no other being does.

According to the same apostle, the reward, or “free gift, God bestows on those who persevere “in doing good” is “eternal life. It is glory and honor and immortality.” Naturally, the question arises: What sense would there be in awarding “immortality” to one who possesses it as an inherent attribute? Actually, I would think none. Given, then, that no human being has it inherently, those who would like to have it are urged to “seek” it. “…to those who by perseverance in doing good seek for glory and honor and  immortality," the reward is "eternal life.” Romans 2:6-8; 6:23. If you, beloved reader, want immortality, that is exactly what you must do: Seek it! This very exhortation to "SEEK... IMMORTALITY" certainly must mean it is not an inherent possession.

Fantastic artistic creation composed of the face of a very large clock with Roman numerals that is in the process of dissolving itself in space, while in the center the silhouette of a human being leaves material time behind and enters the eternal dimensions of the "new heavens and a new earth," illustration for a study on Immortality.

This fantastic artistic creation is composed of the face of a very large clock with Roman numerals that is in the process of dissolving itself in space. In the center is the silhouette of a human being who is, as I interpret this image, leaving material time behind. Having received a new, glorious, immortal body, he is entering the eternal dimensions of the "new heavens and a new earth," the Lord God's marvelous, everlasting abode for souls found just and worthy.

You do not want immortality? Not interested in this subject? Nothing important to you but your physical body, your physical-sensual-material life, and that no one hurts you or kills you? If that is the vision you have of your existence in this world, I would

respectfully beseech you to meditate on the words of the Teacher who fully masters these topics with absolute authority and seriousness. He says: “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28

So then, you are a “SOUL” that survives the death of the physical body from natural causes, accidents, crime, or war. However, that does not mean that you, as a soul, possess, inherently and unconditionally, immortality. Because, if you reject the advice and offer of the Teacher, the “only Sovereign,” the one “alone” who possesses innate immortality, can “destroy both” your “soul and body in hell.

Be assured, precious soul who is reading this, that the one and “only Sovereign,” though he is “able to destroy” your “soul,definitely does not want to do it! Far from it: He desires all men [generic for men and women] to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:4. He wants to save you from hell, honor you, glorify you, and make you immortal! Is that not incredible?

Fix your mind, please, on the grandiose works his Son did for you, me, and all human beings. Christ Jesusabolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” 2 Timothy 1:8-11

This curious image of narrow black lines that enter a golden cylinder, both continuing forward and upward into the infinite, between duplicate pairs of abstract wings, is interpreted as a graphical representation of the movement of the glorified Kingdom of God into the dimensions of eternity. 2 Peter 1:11; Matthew 13:40-43 

This curious image of narrow black lines that enter a golden cylinder, both continuing forward and upward into the infinite, between duplicate pairs of abstract wings, is interpreted as a graphical representation of the movement of the glorified Kingdom of God into the dimensions of eternity.

He “abolished death.“Since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death [his own death by crucifixion] He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil,” freeing us from the “fear of death” that has held us “subject to slavery,” triumphing decisively over death when he arose from the dead the third day.  Hebrews 2:14-15

through the gospel,that is, his “good news” for all humanity, the Teacher Jesus Christ focuses a brilliant divine light on the primordial, powerful, lofty subjects of “life and immortality, making known what was not understood in past times.

To be sure, in times past, some Grecian, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian philosophers, also founders and shamans of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other oriental religions, plus prophets, medicine men, etc., of native religions, had certain vague ideas and incorrect beliefs on “souls, spirits, life, and immortality.” In modern times, some philosophers and many theologians have dealt with these subjects, differing in their theses and conclusions. However, the true “light” on such transcendental beings and powers was made to shine by Jesus Christ “through his gospel.”

Precisely, in this “gospel… of salvation” that is “the message of truth” (Ephesians 1:13), the following explanation is found. “For this perishable must put on the imperishable, and this mortal must put on immortality … then will come about the saying that is written, ‘death is swallowed up in victory.’” 1 Corinthians 15:51-57

In this image, Adam and Eve are cast out of Eden, having lost, both physically and spiritually, their attribute of immortality.

By “…this perishable, reference is to both the physical body and the soul-spirit made perishable, and, by extension, subject to death, as a consequence of the introduction of sin into the world by the first pair of Adam and Eve. Before that catastrophe, both had, potentially, eternal life, physical as well as spiritual. They lost it in both aspects by disobeying the commandment of God that prohibited their eating of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Genesis 2

By “this mortal,” it is to be understood that both the physical body and the soul-spirit were deprived of eternal life, that is, of immortality, when they were sentenced to “death” by God for their violation of his order. “…from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die.” Genesis 2:17. Sorrowfully, that ignominious “day,” extremely somber for the first couple, and no less so for their descendants to this very day, arrived. In it, first the soul-

spirit of Eve, then, of Adam, immediately lost their potential for continuous immortality. Also, the physical body of each. Physically, Adam lived “nine hundred and thirty years, and he died.” Genesis 5:5

Potential for continuous immortality” for both body and soul, because, obviously, immortality was conditioned on keeping the commandment of God. Life eternal, of course, as long as they did not disobey God.

By “this perishable must put on the imperishable, and this mortal must put on immortality,” it is clearly taught that, from the time Adam and Eve sinned, we intellectually responsible human beings do not have the qualities of "imperishable" and "immortality" until we “put” them “on.

When do the people who qualify for such an incomparable blessing “put on” the imperishable and immortality? “…at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we”, that is, “we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord,” (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), “will be changed (transformed). 1 Corinthians 15:52. When do we “put on” the imperishable and immortality? Exactly at the beginning of the day of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Who qualify? “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.” John 5:24. Well then, if you hear with understanding the Word of Christ, the next step would be to believe that the Creator Father God does exist “and that he is the rewarder of those who seek him.” Hebrews 11:6. Then, that you take the step  of repenting of your sins and be baptized (immersed in water) “for the forgiveness of your sins.” Mark 16:15-16; Acts 2:36-47; 8:26-39; 16:25-34; 22:16; Romans 6:3-7

Doing it, you will have “eternal life” and will “not come into judgment, but will have “passed out of death into life.” All this conditioned on your full and continuous fulfillment of “the will of God… good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2. As, at the beginning, Adam and Eve had immortality conditioned on their continuous submission to the will of God. Christ rein-

forces this reality when he says: Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” Revelation 2:10. Crowned, then, with eternal life, and receiving a new, incorruptible, immortal, spiritual body, also the “the crown of righteousness,” all in virtue of having “fought the good fight,” finished the race, and “kept the faith” to the very end of your earthly days. 2 Timothy 4:8; 1 Corinthians 15:42-44

“Who wants to live forever?”

Question and title of a song composed by Brian May in 1986. His answer: “Our forever is today.” These moving expressions being those of a husband as he watches his beloved wife passing away. In the light of Bible teachings, needless to say that any “today,” any “moment” or “time,” however ecstatic or tragic it may be, is not the “forever” projected by the Creator for human beings, for whom he has “determined their appointed times,including eternity. Acts 17:22-31

Incredibly and stupendously, the Creator of time, the one “alone” who “possesses immortality” inherently, offers to bestow on us, unworthy beings that we are, this same attribute of immortality! A perfected soul-spirit. Hebrews 12:23. A new name and identity. Revelation 2:17; 3:3. A new incorruptible, glorious, powerful, spiritual body. 1 Corinthians 15:42-44. In a fabulous new world (Revelation 21 y 22; 2 Peter 3:9-13), where he will occupy us in those future affairs in which it pleases him that we participate. “Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.” Matthew 25:19-23

An eternity, then, to explore the vast “world to come” (Hebrews 2:5), with its immense “city of the living God, and fellowship forever with God the Father himself, Jesus Christ, “myriads of angels,” and all righteous human beings from all earthly ages. Hebrews 12:22-24

Nothing of tears, sorrowful weeping,
clamor, pain, death, or boredom.
Everything made new.
Revelation 21:3-7.
Who would not want to live thus eternally? In this subline context, I would not like to mention the only alternative, but am duty bound to note that it is “the second death” from which there will never ever be
any resurrection.
Revelation 20:14-15

Text and Document Composition by the author Homer Dewayne Shappley. All rights reserved. The only restrictions on the use of this document are the sale of it in any format and proper identification of its origin.

All rights reserved by the author.

Questions or doubts? I would be happy to hear from you. 

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Approaching God in Search of Pardon, Honor, and Eternal Life. Approximately 4 minutes and 45 seconds.

Travels of the Soul-Spirit after the death of the physical body. 6 minutes. 2 video clips and 3 graphics.

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