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Social, Cultural, and Ethical

Lifestyles and Conduct

Good and bad kinds of love. Tolerance and inclusion. Abortion: Your life, your body. Social-racial issues and politics. Personal and sexual rights. Liberal versus conservative conflicts. Modern secularism, hedonism, atheism, existentialism, and radical individualism.

Your life. Your body. Issues of personal rights and abortion.

The COLOR of human life. "Black Lives Matter."

The New Generations and New Culture of It’s not important how you identify yourself sexually. To whom is it important? Who cares? The Variable Gender Movement. DIRTY FILMS. World Culture of Not Important: Slogans, beliefs, lifestyles, and visions for humanity. Impact on churches and religions.

The Devastating Plagues of Modern Times

The British Approach to Faith Today: Indifference to Open Hostility. By Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist, author, and radio commentator.

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