Light for the Mind and Spirit 
that Grow through "Good Teaching"

Studies, articles, series, and slides for mental, spiritual, and ministerial growth through "good teaching." Some adaptable for Bible classes and/or sermons. Contending, with gentleness and respect, for the faith and against atheism, Darwinian evolution, secularism, humanism, hedonism, and religious error.

1 Timothy 4:6, 16; Judas 1:3; 1 Peter 3:15; 4: 11

“Desire, the Mainsail. “Duty,the Trusty Motor. Good Desires and Reliable Duty: A powerful combination!

"NASA was able to recreate the origins of life and the results are shocking." Critical analysis of the Fox News report.

The “Chimps in Stone Age Theory” claims chimpanzees of today have evolved to the point of making sharp tools. A new scientific study shows that wild chimpanzees have no ability to do it. Hundreds of scientists discredited. Also, the National Geographic. Another example of “science, falsely so-called.” The new study was published by “Ancient Origins” under the title “Study of Chimpanzee Tool Use Debunks ‘Chimps in Stone Age Theory.’ The text in full, with commentaries and applications by HDS.