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Atlantic Puffin Has Some Lessons for Humans

Photograph of the colorful Atlantic Puffin with the word Welcome in a cloud of various languages on a background of grasses, an artistic composition for the Home Page of the site The Spirit of Truth and Prophecies.

Fascinating, Marvelous Nature

“Atlantic Puffin” is the name of this curious sea bird. There are about 10 million of them in Iceland and the nearby smaller islands.


When the birds mature at about 5 years old, male, and female come together in a permanent relationship. The male prepares the nest, a tunnel in soft earth that ends in a chamber.


The female lays one egg per reproduction cycle, both male and female taking turns to incubate it by holding it with their wings on the abdomen.


With its wings beating at up to 400 times a minute, the Puffin can fly very fast. It can set its beak to open at different positions up to wide enough to carry several fish at a time of the species it consumes.

Instructive Nature

Contemplating the bird as seen in the photograph, the observant, analytical human mind appreciates the distinctive lines and coloration of the head and beak. The exquisite combination of red, yellow, and tones of gray. The elegant form and position of the eyes.  Cheeks slightly puffed out. The unusual geometrical harmony of the curves, triangles, and other elements.


Then, also meditating on the for-life monogamous, faithful relationship of natural male and female pairs and their mutual, supportive roles in the reproduction process, such a thoughtful, objective person may be likely to exclaim:


       “What fantastic, eye-catching, intelligent design! What beauty in such a small creature! So many complicated social and physical functions! How could I possibly think that Darwinian evolution could produce such a precious creation? And, marvel of marvels, also the infinitely more complicated human being who is able to discern and admire its qualities and functions?"

Am I, are you, dear reader, an observant, analytical, objective human being?

Respectfully, Dewayne Shappley

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