Science, the Bible, and Christianity. 

Darwinian evolution and creationism:
Evidence in support of each.

Atheists versus the religious:
Theses, controversies, attitudes, and agendas.

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National Geographic, Christians, God, and the Doomsday Mentality. Are planet, stars, and moon alignments Doomsday omens? The mature Christian's World View. The Bible, not a book of Gloom and Doom nor of Astrology. The Injustice of judging all Christians by the most unlearned, irrational, infantile, and morally compromised. The superiority of the Christian World View over the Darwinian.

Are comets Doomsday omens? 39 Heaven's Gate members committed suicide in 1997 certain their souls would board a spaceship in the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet. Hale-Boppalypse, Doomsday, National Geo, Christianity.

"NASA was able to recreate the origins of life and the results are shocking." Critical analysis of the Fox News report.

The “Chimps in Stone Age Theory” claims chimpanzees of today have evolved to the point of making sharp tools. A new scientific study shows that wild chimpanzees have no ability to do it. Hundreds of scientists discredited. Also, the National Geographic. Another example of “science, falsely so-called.” The new study was published by “Ancient Origins” under the title “Study of Chimpanzee Tool Use Debunks ‘Chimps in Stone Age Theory.’ The text in full, with commentaries and applications by HDS.