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Flight of the Falcon Heavy Rocket
Flight of the Soul-Spirit

An analogy
Part III

The Unhappy Space Flight of Starman in His Tesla Roadster to a Catastrophic Encounter with Eventual Total Destruction
The Pleasant Flight of the Pure Soul-Spirit to PARADISE, its Second Landing in Celestial Regions

Starman in his Tesla Roadster comes close to an ininterstellar body in his dangerous orbit around the sun, for Part III of the Analogy of the Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul.

In this artistic creation, the mannequin astronaut Starman, at the wheel of his sharp-looking Tesla Roadster, comes very close to an interstellar body in his dangerous orbit around the Sun. Any asteroid, comet, bunch of rocks or dense dust in deep, black space could destroy Starman as well as the Tesla.

In this abstract, the Soul-Spirit, having had its spiritual status validated as “Pure” at the First Celestial Landing, happily and tranquilly flies across wondrous spiritual dimensions toward the Second Landing, which is Paradise, in the regions of Hades, where Jesus Christ also went after His mortal body died on the cross.

Spacial abstract in blues, greens, and purples with geometric formations, graphic for the Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul, an Analogy.
A PowerPoint slide with graphics and texts for the subject Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul, an Analogy.

Highlights of Numerous Points and Applications

The form and appearance of the Pure Soul-Spirit when it puts off its earthly physical body and enters spiritual regions. The apostle Paul represents it as “naked. Analysis of 2 Corinthians 5:1-8. “…clothednotnaked.”

Does the Pure Soul-Spirit that has just left the deceased physical body have substance and form? Analysis of 1 Thessalonians 5:23. The meaning of “…the spiritreturns “to God that gave it,in Ecclesiastes 12:7. In the case of the Soul-Spirit that has left the dead physical body, his right of free will is revoked!

The meaning of it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, in 1 John 3:2.

The form, shape, and appearance of God who "is Spirit."

Locomotion of the Soul-Spirit just freed from the physical body. “…carried by the angels to Abraham’s side.“My desire is to DEPART and be with Christ.”  “…I know that the putting off of my body will be soon.” After Souls-Spirits come out of deceased physical bodies, do they have self-locomotion? Actions preprogramed in the Soul-Spirit.

The jubilant Flight to Paradise!

Paradise! “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived…” “I know a man in Christ who… was caught up into Paradise...”

Where is Starman and the Tesla Roadster as of the present?

Many more facts, observations, and applications.

The subject of Part 3 of this Analogy between the Flight of the Falcon Heavy and the Flight of the Soul-Spirit is “The Unhappy Space Flight of Starman in His Tesla Roadster to an Encounter with Eventual Total Destruction, and its counterpart in the analogy: “The Pleasant Flight of the Pure Soul-Spirit to PARADISE, its Second Landing in Celestial Places.This subject does not appear in the image-slide.

The sequence of texts and graphics in the slide,
with some comments.

Beginning at the left, lower corner…
The Flight of the Falcon Heavy, the Tesla and Starman.

Photograph of Starman at the wheel of the Tesla, with the globe of planet Earth clearly visible, for Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul, an Analogy.

The photographs of Starman at the wheel of the Tesla, with the globe of planet Earth clearly visible. These are real photographs taken by the three cameras connected to the car in such a way as to make possible the taking of these and other truly unforgettable pictures.

The Tesla Roadster, with Starman as chauffeur, remained in orbit more than 100 miles (170 kilometers) above Earth during only six hours. This

maneuver was carried out to confirm that the controls did function as necessary to place payloads in orbit around the planet.

Text. “Frist landing” should read “First Holding Phase.” In orbit around planet Earth for six hours.

I thus represent in this Analogy the First Holding Phase of Starman and the Tesla. To be sure, a spectacular scene for an automobile and mannequin “Made on Earth by Humans.” Up there in orbit around the planet. The car, a convertible. Starman, exposed to the elements. Both, out in the open, without the protection of some large metallic shell that would enclose and, hopefully, protect them. Starman, confident and proud, safe in this first orbit, enjoying such a tremendous adventure and scenes which surely can be described as, well, out of this world!

The use of the term “Analogy” in this context is not intended to imply that similarities might exist between Starman and the PURE Soul-Spirit. Underline “PURE. On the right side of the slide, the focus is on the “PURE Soul-Spirit, the “IMPURE Soul-Spirit” not being included in the scenario. There are certain similarities between Starman and IMPURE Souls-Spirits, a subject worthy, perhaps, of development, but not explored here.

Texts in ascending order.

Photograph of the Falcon Heavy as it shoots into space, illustration for Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul, an Analogy.

The propulsion system is fired for the third time and the vehicle takes off for an orbit around the planet Mars.

Graphic. To the right of those words and the photograph, a long graphic begins in the lower part, with red, orange, yellow and white elements that indicate the moment when the third firing of the propulsion system of the Falcon Heavy takes place. The graphic is then extended diagonally as a white vapor toward the top of the image to indicate

the high velocity flight of Starman and the Tesla to a position in orbit around the planet Mars.

A velocity error causes it to overshoot the planned trajectory.

Farther out! Farther out! Farther and farther away! Last photograph: the crescent of the Earth at the left.

Toward an orbit filled with tremendous dangers and, eventually, into total oblivion!

The Flight of the PURE Soul-Spirit

Beginning at the bottom of the right side of the slide with 4 graphics used to project the “First Landing” in Spiritual Realms of the Purified Soul-Spirit.

A four-part composite image showing the arrival of the purified soul before the judgment seat of Christ accompanied by an angel.

These graphics replicate a scene from Part 2 of this Analogy where the Pure Soul-Spirit, freed from its deceased physical body and accompanied by an angel, arrives at the First Landing of its very exciting, fantastic flight through celestial regions. A different graphic is selected to represent the Pure Soul-Spirit in this scene, to wit, that of a male dressed in white, partially

transparent. Though certain lines and features of his earthly body are visible, let us keep in mind that he no longer inhabits that body. The graphic is used only to aid in the visualization of the scenario of the First Landing.

Texts to the left of these four graphics in ascending order.

At the First Landing, the Soul-Spirit gives his/her name. It is found in the Book of Life, providing proof of his/her death in Christ. That is, that he/she, having obeyed the gospel, was faithful until the last breath of the physical body.

Once the spiritual status is confirmed, the Soul-Spirit joyously takes flight for PARADISE, accompanied by one or more angels.

There are never any errors of trajectory or destiny on this trip. In marked contrast with what betook Starman when a velocity error caused him to overshoot the planned trajectory.

Text to the right of the ascending graphics.

The human being who is convinced Jesus Christ is the Messiah, obeys the gospel, lives faithfully by it the rest of his days, and dies in Christ, has a PURE Soul-Spirit. Christ says he does not come to the First Landing to be judged. He is authorized to go directly to PARADISE.

The ascending graphics are a feeble attempt to project abstractly the passage of the Pure Soul-Spirit from the First Landing, where his/her name is verified as being in the “Book of Life,” to Paradise, the Second Landing.

The state and movements of the Purified Soul-Spirit
after it departs
from the deceased physical body

Form of Spirit


With regard to the form and appearance of the Pure Soul-Spirit which has shed its earthly physical body and entered spiritual regions, the apostle Paul represents it as “naked. 1 Corinthians 5:1-8

He calls the physical body an “earthly house,” and a “tent.” This earthly body is “destroyed” by death.

However, the just, the pure, the saved, by virtue of dying “in the Lord,” have “a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens,” the which Paul also calls a “habitation… from heaven.”

 “having been clothed, we shall not be found naked.”

Nevertheless, Paul himself explains, by the Spirit, that the new “habitation… from heaven” for the Soul-Spirit with eternal salvation totally assured is acquired at the resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:42-58), and not immediately after the death of the physical body. It turns out, then, that, when the Soul-Spirit leaves the deceased physical body, it, effectively, does not have a body in which to dwell until it enters the new “spiritual body,” incorruptible, glorious, powerful, and immortal, which comes forth in the process of resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15:35-58; Philippians 3:20-21; 1 Juan 3:2

It is, then, indeed “naked.And, this is the state of the Soul-Spirit during its Flight to Paradise in Hades, as well as its stay in Paradise, where it awaits the resurrection, which involves a transformation of the “natural body” to the “spiritual body.” 1 Corinthians 15:42-44, 51-53. A state which Paul represents as “unclothed,saying that when the Pure Soul-Spirits are “clothed with” their “habitation which is from heaven, in the resurrection, then, “having been clothed,they “shall not be found naked. naked, that is to say, without a body in which to dwell. naked,then, only in this context, and not in that of naked, physical human bodies.

Vivid painting of an angel moving into deep, spiritual space, graphic for Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul, an Analogy.

As the physical human body can exist and execute its necessary functions, even though it is not clothed with material garments, so also the Soul-Spirit can exist and manifest itself within the parameters that govern in the

Hadean Paradise, despite not being “clothed” in a natural, physical body or in a completely new spiritual one.

As the Soul-Spirit can thus manifest itself without having a natural, physical body, so also it can do it without a spiritual body, and it does so in the Hadean Paradise.

But, as the normal, moral human being likes to present himself, or herself, dressed decently, so also the Pure Soul-Spirit would like to be clothed in its new “habitation… from heaven,” the which will be its appropriate “raiment” in the “new earth,” the new “Paradise of God” (Revelation 2:7), where is to be found “the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem.” Hebrews 12:22; Revelation 21

By the way, the apostle Paul does not say or imply that the promise of this “habitation… from heaven… building of God… house not made with hands… eternal… in the heavens” is only for the 144,000 of Revelation 7. Jehovah’s Witnesses apply the text only to the 144,000, doing the same with a great part of the New Testament, but any studious, objective person quickly sees that they are inexcusably and totally mistaken, for the epistles of Paul, Peter, John, James, and Judas were written not only for the 144,000 but for all the Christians to which they were specifically addressed, and, by extension, to Christians in all times and places of the Christian Age.

Does the Pure Soul-Spirit have “substance and form” just after it comes out of the deceased physical body? It does not have a physical body; neither does it yet have a glorified, spiritual body, and, in this context, it is “naked,but, does it have some substance or form? It has BOTH, according to the following Bible texts.

1 Thessalonians 5:23. Being a “spirit” engendered by “the Father of spirits” (Hebrews 12:9), the Soul-Spirit that leaves the physical body would conserve the same spiritual substance that it received from God, the Father of spirits. It does not lose it.

Composite image on the transformation of human beings and the eventual arrival of the just before God in his celestial dwelling.
Spirit returns to God

“…the spirit” returns “to God that gave it.”

The faculty of free will is taken from the Soul-Spirit!

Ecclesiastes 12:7. Solomon says that when “the dust,” that is to say, the physical body made of material elements, returns “to the earth as it was… the spirit will

return to God who gave it.” Ecclesiastes 12:7. By “return to God who gave it, I understand, personally, that God takes absolute control of the spirit (Soul-Spirit) that departs from the physical body, which returns “to the earth” as a consequence of death.

God the Creator bestows free will on the Soul-Spirit while it is in the live, physical body so that it may choose between Good and Evil. That it may decide to whom it will serve, whether to its loving and benevolent spiritual Father, or to Lucifer, the incorrigible Enemy of God, the good angels, and the good souls. Free will, so that it may determine its own eternal destiny.

Once it leaves the physical body, the Soul-Spirit is no longer in possession of free will! It may have thoughts about its state and desire fervently to change it, but It can no longer implement decisions on lifestyles, priorities, outcomes it would like to have for its present existence, eternal destiny, etc. It may wish to inhabit another physical body and relive life on earth, but it cannot. It may think of breaking away from the angels and fleeing Hades, but it cannot, figuratively speaking, lift a finger or move an inch on its own. It is totally at the mercy of God the Father who engendered it “in his own image" and "likeness,” expecting it to honor that divine origin. Genesis 1:26-27

This is, to my understanding, the meaning of “return to God who gave it, and not that the spirit of each and every human being, of the bad as well as the good, is absorbed again into the very Spirit of God.

“…it has not yet been revealed what we shall be.”

1 John 3:2. it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, states the apostle John, “but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is(1 John 3:2), reference being to Jesus Christ in His appearing “a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.” Hebrews 9:28. In other words, the form and appearance

Abstract graphic of the flight of the soul through space, highlighting the meaning of a "return to God who gave it" and "it has not yet been revealed what we shall be."

the Souls-Spirits have that depart from human bodies at the instant of death has not yet been made known to the Souls-Spirits that yet occupy flesh and blood bodies. We simply are unable to explain the composition, form, or appearance of the new spiritual body we will have. Not even by using the most sophisticated computer programs could we create a graphic that would truly represent the features and appearance of the spiritual, powerful, glorious, incorruptible, immortal body.

Philippians 3:21. We are speaking of a body “conformed to His glorious body,that is, of the body Jesus Christ actually has on the heavenly throne at the right hand of the Father. Philippians 3:21. But, we will not have such a “glorious body” until the just in Paradise are resurrected and the just alive on earth are transformed in the moments leading up to the appearing of Christ “a second time, apart from sin.” 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Hebrews 9:28. Then, yes, “we shall see Him as He is, for we also shall have received the same kind of spiritual glorified body! Is that not absolutely marvelous beyond expression?

 “God is Spirit”

His “form shape what He looks like appearance”

John 4:24 and John 5:37. “God is Spirit” (John 4.24), and as such has “form” (NRSV, RSV, NKJV). He has “shape” (KJ21 -21st Century King James Version). “You have not seen… what He looks like,” says His Son, Jesus (ISV -International Standard Version). So, He does “look like something. He has “appearance.

These are translations of the Greek εἶδος in John 5:37. “From G1492; a view, that is, form (literally or figuratively): -appearance, fashion, shape, sight” (Strong’s Greek Dictionary).

The complete statement by Jesus in John 5:37 reads: “You have neither heard His voice at any time, nor seen His form.” (NKJV) Human beings in bodies of flesh and blood cannot see the “form… shape… or appearance” of the Creator, God the Father. Only the Son. “Not that anyone has seen the Father except the one who comes from God. This one has seen the Father.” John 6:46

Since, then, the “Father of spirits” has “form” (shape, appearance), we surely do not err by postulating that the Soul-Spirit that departs from the physical body which has just died also has FORM. We cannot describe it, but it does have shape, appearance, form.

And, it has mind and memory; intelligence, conscience, the ability to judge, and the capacity for communication with other spiritual beings. This assertion rests on the account by Jesus Christ of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) and the teaching regarding “those submitted to judgment by God having to respond for themselves,” found in texts such as 2 Corinthians 5:10, Matthew 7:21-23 and Matthew 25:31-46.

Appearance of God

Locomotion of the Soul-Spirit just freed from the physical body.

Locomotion of the Soul-Spirit

carried by the angels to Abraham’s side.

“My desire is to DEPART and be with Christ.” 

“…I know that the PUTTING OFF of my body will be soon.

In the image-slide, the five indistinct white forms, that is, practically without any trait that would identify them, moving upwards toward Paradise, in Hades, symbolize the Pure Souls-Spirits that, having neither a physical body nor a spiritual, glorified body, fly to the Second Landing, where they will await the resurrection and return of Christ in glory.

In this abstraact image, a greenish shalt of light turning to tones of blue as it moves away through black space is used to illustrate the flight of the soul after death to its encounter with Christ in judgment where the final destination of the soul is determined.

“Fly.” According to the scenes of the rich man and Lazarus, when the physical body of the poor man Lazarus dies, he was carried by the angels to Abraham’s side,” that is, to Paradise, in Hades. Luke 16:22. In other words, as a Soul-Spirit without a physical body, and yet without a spiritual, glorified body, he was carried by the angels.” Do the bodiless Souls-Spirits not have the power to move on their own? Did Lazarus not have such power after the death of his physical body?

The apostle Paul expressed his desire to depart and be with Christ.” Philippians 1.23. “I know the putting off of my body will be soon,” writes the apostle Peter. 2 Peter 1:12. “…depart” from the physical body no longer alive, or, as Peter says, “putting off” that body, are actions the Souls-Spirits of Paul and Peter would have to take obligatorily. Actions already programmed in the Soul-Spirit of every human being. They could not do otherwise. Nobody can. The Soul-Spirit absolutely must leave the physical body no longer alive. The “program” that forces that action cannot be altered or deleted. The action is irreversible. In the same way, the flight of the Soul-Spirit to the First Landing, where its flight path either to Paradise or to Tartarus is determined, is preprogrammed and unavoidable.

In view of these realities, the matter of the Souls-Spirits having or not having the power to move on their own after the death of the physical body becomes more or less academic. If they have it, their departure and subsequent trip to the First Landing are preprogrammed in their being, and they will go there, whether they want to or not. If they do not have it, then God’s angels will be in charge of their transportation, and they will be taken there, whether they want to go or not. As noted previously, they no longer have the power of free will to decide in these matters and circumstances what they will do or will not do. On this tremendous reality every Soul-Spirit still occupying a live human body should meditate long and hard, obeying and living the pure gospel of salvation to the last breath so that a flight to Paradise will be fully assured.

According to the account of the rich man and Lazarus, Abraham, over in Paradise, and Lazarus with him, responds to a request by the rich man on the other side in Tartarus, saying: “…between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, in order that those who would pass from here to you may not be able, and none may cross from there to us.” Luke 16:26. While the verb construction “pass from here to you” might indicate self-locomotion, and “would” has to do with willpower, the movements by the inhabitants of both places are limited and controlled by the divine laws that govern them.

Reiterating: The Father of spirits now exercises complete control over these Souls-Spirits no longer in the material world. The right to make their own decisions and implement them (free will) has been taken from them. For example, the right to pass from one side to the other of the “great chasm” that separates Paradise from Tartarus. Needless to say, if those in Tartarus had free will and the power to act on it, Tartarus would be totally empty in the bat of an eye!

May every Soul-Spirit that, today. occupies and utilizes for evil (wrong, destructive purposes; actions hurtful to self and others) its live, physical body, take serious, sober note. Continuing thus until the death of the physical body, the inescapable Flight of the “Impure Soul-Spirit” will certainly take it to Tartarus, where it will be able to meet the egotistical, presumptuous rich man who did not even have the decency to have compassion on the sick and hungry beggar Lazarus. Just like the rich man, it will want to cross over to the side of Paradise, but there is absolutely no way for bad, immoral, evil, unrepentant, disobedient souls to make that passage. Never in your life! So then, it would be worth its while to set its earthly life on a way of justice and right-living. To repent and

In this spectacular artistic creation, an intensely bright light shines through a tree that grows out of the planet Earth suspended in space, the shaft of light rising into the high heavens, an illustration for the Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul, an Analogy.

be baptized “for the forgiveness of sins” (Acts 2:37-47), then live the rest of its earthly days in holiness, finishing them “in the Lord.” Only in that way can it receive a pass to the First Landing and proceed from there to Paradise.

“The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years, yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” Psalms 90:10. Are you ready to “fly away?” Am I ready to “fly away?”

The JUBILANT Flight to Paradise!

Jubilent flight to Paradise
This vividly colorful abstract creation is used to illustrate the jubilant flight of the saved soul to Paradise.

What we would like to make really stand out here is the powerful emotion of “high jubilance” every Pure Soul-Spirit must experience on the flight from the First Landing to Paradise. Imagine it! Flying to Paradise! Accompanied by God’s angels! Possibly through panoramic views of unimaginable beauty far beyond even the most spectacular scenes on earth. That never have been conceived in the mind of any human being, nor could they be, for they belong to another world. With the absolute certainty of pure, eternal happiness in idyllic places prepared by the loving Creator and His Son for those who love them, respect, and follow them. Do you want to have that marvelous experience? Are you preparing yourself in such a way that you will definitely, absolutely qualify for that trip? Am I?

Since Paradise is a place in celestial-spiritual dimensions, no picture, abstract or esoteric earthly creation whatsoever can transmit a substantial idea of the enchantments it has for the Pure Soul-Spirit.

What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him, God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” 1 Corinthians 2:9-10. At least, we know they exist in “the world to come” (Hebrews 2:5), some visions of Revelation, for example, those of chapters 21 and 22, providing impressive and intriguing scenes, described in this-world language and images, of those things in celestial realms, “no eye has seen.”

“I know a man in Christ who… was caught up to the third heaven… was caught up into Paradise… and he heard things that cannot be told, which man may not utter. On behalf of this man I will boast, but on my own behalf I will not boast, except of my weaknesses.” Thus, the apostle Paul did write in 2 Corinthians 12:2-5, Paul himself being the “man in Christ” who “was caught up into Paradise.”

This is the last photograph of Starman and the Tesla, with planet Earth receding in the background, and the question is: Where are Starman and the Tesla as of today, an illustration for the Flight of the Falcon Heavy, Flight of the Soul, an Analogy.

Where are Starman and the Tesla Roadster as of the present?

Farther out! Farther out! Farther and farther away! The last photograph from Starman and the Tesla shows them already leaving planet Earth so far behind that it appears only as a crescent. A sad photograph, full of foreboding loneliness and inevitable destruction.

As of March 07, 2018, about 11 a. m. EST, Starman and the Tesla car were 5,238,000 miles (8,430,401 kilometers) distant from planet Earth, going away from the planet at 7,239 miles an hour (11,650 kilometers an hour).

The orbit Starman and Tesla are in is not around Mars, as planned, but around the Sun, an orbit that takes 571 days.

Recently, some scientists calculated at 6% the possibility that the Tesla Roadster would collide with Earth during the next million years, and at 2.5% the possibility of a collision with the planet Venus. Should it happen that at some time the Tesla Roadster would fall toward Earth, it would be consumed in flames, without causing any damage, before it reached the surface.

If no interference takes place, Starman will continue its solitary trip in interplanetary space between orbits of the Earth and Mars for millions of years. But, that is not a problem. He is listening to Ziggy Stardust on the radio!

Information found in:

Untrue! Starman is not listening to anything but the silence of space, for the battery of the Tesla went dead several hours after the flight of the Falcon Heavy began.

But, what sublime music beyond any humans have ever conceived will the Pure Souls-Spirits be listening to during their Flight to Paradise?

Part I of this Analogy

Part II of this Analogy

Category. Caught up into spiritual regions after the death of the physical body. Hades, Paradise, Tarturous, Heaven, Hell, Judgments, and Destinies.

1. The primordial purpose of the church is to EVANGELIZE. When God the Father conceived the church, his intent was that now,” during our Common Era, through the CHURCH, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known…” Ephesians 3:10; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16; Luke 10:2; Acts 8:4; Revelation 14:6

This graphic in huge yellow and red letters for the words OUR MISSION is used in the document Fundamental requirements for beginning and maintaing congregation governed by the New Testament.

                       a) Continually emphasizing this supreme mission usually produces the healthy effect
                                      of concentrating the energies and resources of the congregation on the truly                                                      important, avoiding wasting them on activities that contribute little or                                                                   nothing to numerical and spiritual growth.

                                                                               b) Lay out well defined, detailed plans to achieve
                                                                               effective evangelization
in your specific area. Once
                                                                               wisely determined, implement them zealously and
                                                                               persistently. Obviously, just theorizing, planning,
                                                                                talking out ideas, and praying, without taking action on the field, will not result in true evangelization, and that means souls will not be saved and added to the church. I have known a few evangelists and “church growth specialists” who did little more than that: mostly just theorize, talk, and pray. You will be spiritually wise if you simply will not tolerate that your own evangelist work be frustrated by indecision, continual postponement, and inaction. Nor that of new members as they are added.

What is the idea of starting a new congregation if it is not basically to save souls and integrate them into a spiritual body that will nurture their growth, faithfulness, and eventual eternal salvation? Steady, intelligent evangelism is the powerful mechanism to accomplish it. “The gospel… is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16

If one particular method of evangelism proves to be ineffective, turn to another, or more than one at the same time. There are a number of options. To mention some:

Personal Bible studies, especially in homes.

This round graphic made up of key words related to advertising and promoting is used in the document on How to establish a congregation of the church Christ built.

Street teaching or preaching. Or in any other public place
such as a park

Obtain and distribute tracts with solid teaching. Not so
little and so superficial, or general in content, that they
do not educate and motivate the reader enough to move
him/her to action. Write and print your own if you have the
knowledge and ability to do it. Be careful any tract distributed
is suitable for your area; that no expression or graphic offends
sensitivities unnecessarily.

A collage of social media icons spotlights the use of such media to make known the church Christ built.

                                               Print invitations to studies in your house or any other suitable place.
                                                    To worship services. To conferences on spiritual subjects that you
                                                         develop, or a competent minister of the New Testament invited
                                                        by you.
2 Corinthians 3:6-17

                                                       Announcements on a radio station, in a newspaper, magazine,
                                                     etc. On the Internet, by E-mail, by a letter, etc. Social media.

                                       Keep in mind that, no matter how many members make up a congregation,
                             whether two or two hundred, the church that does not evangelize, or stops evangelizing, is destined to diminish or perhaps disappear altogether!

This picture of hungry children in Africa eating with their hands from a common bowl is used to emphasize the good works a church organized according to the New Testament is called upon to do.

2. The second duty of every congregation small or large is to do good works, offering help to widows, orphans, the elderly, the hungry, the bereaved, the lonely, the depressed, and any others in need of the material necessities of life, spiritual guidance, comfort, sound counsel, encouragement, prayers, etc. This is indispensable in order to be counted among those who practice “pure religion. James 1:27. A small congregation is not exempt from this duty. To be sure, a small congregation dedicated to good works as well as to ongoing evangelization is

much more likely to grow both spiritually and numerically than one bereft of them.

“Good works, while vital and laudable, are not more important than evangelization. They may contribute to evangelization but should not virtually take its place in any congregation. Persons benefited by good works who come to Christ and his church moved chiefly by them, and not by a profound desire for salvation and a new life of holiness in Christ, may take a long time to become true Christians, if ever they do.

This picture of widows lined up in India to received appears in the document on How to establish a congregation of the church Christ built to spotlight the charge to do good works.

G. Leadership. By deciding to establish a congregation and taking the vital steps to accomplish that most praiseworthy goal, you take the role of a “spiritual leader.” The most responsible and sensitive one you could possibly take in life. For you determine to interact with SOULS and their ΕTERNAL DESTINY. Souls that could be saved or lost through your intervention. Are you ready for such a responsibility? In mind, heart, spirit, and personal testimony? For you shall be held accountable in your dealings with them by the “Father of spirits.” Hebrews 12:9. In view of this reality, James (probably the brother of Jesus) writes:

Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness. For we all make many mistakes, and if anyone makes no mistakes in what he says he is a perfect man, able to bridle the whole body also.” James 3:1-2. To be sure, I really try to keep this advice and warning in mind as I myself endeavor to exercise properly the role of teaching God’s Word.

This picture of African man reading the Bible illustrates the need for knowledgeable leaders in congregations true to the New Testament.

                                  You may wish, then, to consider and weigh objectively your own motives, attitudes,
                                 and qualifications. This is not to discourage you. By no means. To be an absolutely
                                  “perfect man” is not, thankfully, a non-negotiable requirement to be a spiritual
                                           leader and start a congregation. If it were, there would be no qualified
                                                   candidates. To be above reproach in sexual conduct and free from vices
                                                     and criminal activities, yes! Are you legally married to one wife? If you
                                                      only cohabit with a “partner,” forget about being a “spiritual leader”
                                                        until you have rectified that situation. Even a cursory reading of the
                                                        New Testament sustains this observation

                                                       “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure,
                                                      for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.”
Hebrews 13:4; 1 Corinthians 6:9-20; 7:2-5; Ephesians 5:22-33

Now, if you find yourself to be basically qualified to be a “spiritual leader of souls” and feel genuinely obligated before God to begin a congregation to be made up of souls who want to be saved eternally, then, I humbly, kindly, and lovingly urge you to make a pact with yourself, the church to be formed, and Christ himself as head of the church to:

In this graphic on humility, a man kneeling in prayer takes the place of the letter "L" in the world HUMILITY on a gray background.

1. To be humble and sincere at all times, however difficult any situation may be.

2. To serve.

a) To be in regular contact with all members, as well as with all persons who approach you or your meeting place in search of spiritual orientation and refuge for their souls.

b) To be responsive in the most sensitive and understanding way possible to members with problems, whether they be moral, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, or material. No matter their race or rank in life. Wisely knowing how far to go, lest you become embroiled in relationships and actions that would cause more harm than good, including harm to yourself and your reputation. Jude 1:12-13, 22

Don't go Diotrephes are the words in white on a red banner in this graphic for the document How to establish a church true to the New Testament.

3. To not Lord it over the congregation, that is to say, not make yourself a spiritual dictator of souls, a most dangerous position to occupy. Remember Diotrephes, a church dictator of the first century, with whom God and the apostle John were sorely displeased. 3 John 9-10

a) Regarding plans, goals, works, and activities of all kinds, it is highly advisable to ask for and listen attentively to the opinions of the most spiritual members of the congregation. Also, when the

congregation confronts situations that could impact it adversely.

b) As soon as good candidates develop, the wise and spiritual teacher-evangelist prepares them for ministries they could perform satisfactorily, encouraging them and providing them opportunities to utilize and refine their talents. 2 Timothy 2:2. He will not continually try to do everything himself, with the deliberate or subliminal purpose of maintaining himself as the indispensable, permanent “leader, boss, kingpin of the congregation.” Jealous of anyone who might compete with him or surpass him in effectiveness, suppressing anyone who begins to shine among the members impressing them with his high level of spirituality and notable abilities.

4. Treat all members with impartiality.  “In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without favor, doing nothing from partiality.” 1 Timothy 5:21

5. Feed the members with “pure spiritual milk” that “by it” they “may grow up to salvation. 1 Peter 2:1-3. Also, as the congregation increases in number and members grow spiritually, provide solid food… for the mature, for those who have their faculties trained by practice to distinguish good from evil.” Hebrews 5:11-14. This you can do, of course, only if you yourself have grown to maturity in Christ, having highly trained your own faculties to

Feed on solid food are the words in yellow above an open Bible highlighted by a diagonal shaft of light in this graphic for How to establish a church true to the New Testament.

distinguish, by much practice, “good from evil.” Woe to the congregation, small, medium, or any size, whose leaders have not matured as they should have!

a) It is vital to lay a solid foundation for the congregation and that is done by inculcating divine TRUTH on every essential doctrine, sustaining every teaching with relevant Bible texts.

b) Every new member, whether man, woman, or young person, should study the fundamental doctrines of the New Testament to the point of mastering them, being able to communicate and defend them satisfactorily. To that end, offer, periodically, special classes for new converts. For example, each Thursday for ten weeks. Then, when there is a new group, though small, of new converts, repeat the procedure.

A graphic showing a man starting to climb a stairway of books that leads upward to an open door, all against a backdrop of a city on the horizon, illustrates the need for Bible teachers and preachers to go on to perfect their knowledge so that they will be able to boring repetitions in their classes and sermons.

c) Another important factor for you to keep in mind: Every competent, effective teacher-evangelist follows the advice of Hebrews 6:1-3. He teaches and preaches the “elementary teachings about Christ," yes, of course. Some of those doctrines are named in the text. However, he goes “on to maturity, taking as many of the congregation as he can with him, “not laying again,” and again, and again, that same “foundation” of the “elementary.” Not being excessively, irritatingly, boringly repetitious.

For if he does not proceed thus, the congregation will be stunted in its overall growth. Full of spiritual “children” who have been deprived of the food necessary for natural growth to maturity. Easily and quickly “tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming.” Ephesians 4:11-16; 1 Corinthians 3:1-4.

A picture of a man in a small boat about to sink amid winds and waves illustrates the teaching the need for church leaders to provide Christians with sound doctrine so that they will not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

Following is a short list of subjects as examples of those which can help Christians to go “on to maturity.”

Divine attributes every Christian should acquire to the highest degree possible. Imitating God and Christ. Having them to the fullest in the daily walk of life. Declaring the praises,” that is, the attributes, of the “only true and living God.” 1 Peter 2:9

Trials and temptations Christians commonly face and how to deal with them. Satan’s strategies: Identify them, be not ignorant of them. 2 Corinthians 2:11. Mental, emotional, religious, and spiritual trials and sicknesses. 1 Peter 1:3-9; 1 Corinthians 10:1-10 and many more.

The application of biblical teachings to matrimonial conflicts and the raising of children.

Prophecies of the New Testament fulfilled, being fulfilled in present times, yet to be fulfilled. Rightfully presented, this is a powerful subject to strengthen faith and commitment. The “prophetic word” is a “lamp shining in a dark place.” 2 Peter 1:16-21

All subjects and Bible texts having to do with the resurrection, judgments, the Second Coming of Christ, rewards for the faithful Christian both now and future, etc.

The priesthood of all true Christians. 1 Peter 2:1-10

Spiritual warfare. Possessing the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-20. Fighting the good fight. The “weapons of our warfare” and the nature of our battle. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.

Textual studies word by word can be most edifying when conducted by an analytical teacher. Not just summarizing but delving deeply into meanings and applications, preferably with much class participation. Chapter 4 of Ephesians is a tremendous example of such texts. Many teachings on a fabulous variety of subjects.

In short, a well-balanced spiritual diet is what is needed for the normal growth of each and every Christian, and for the growth and maturing of the congregation as a whole.

6. Grave errors the “good minister of Christ Jesus” strives not to commit, in addition to some already indicated in this study. 1 Timothy 4:6

a) Being a gossiper or busybody.

b) Falling apart and abandoning his post because of criticisms, just or unjust.

c) Becoming discouraged and ceasing to try because few souls respond to his teaching and preaching.

d) Making merchandise of the membership in anyway whatsoever. Defrauding, cheating, robbing. 1 Corinthians 6:7-9; 2 Peter 2:1-3

e) Dressing sloppily in ways that some observers find offensive.

f) Making statements, gestures, or signs that would identify you with certain social, ethical, cultural groups whose philosophies and actions do not harmonize with norms of pure Christianity.

g) Telling off-color jokes with double meanings or sexual innuendos.

h) Making any remark which could be construed as a racial slur.

i) Using street language offensive to educated people.

j) Showing partiality to any ethnic or social class.

H. Ties with other congregations and other teachers-evangelists-preachers.

1. The primordial duty of every member of a congregation, including any who teach and/or preach, is to care for, feed, and watch out for their own local congregation. Logically, their own should have priority over any other congregation.

2. Establishing communication with other congregations of the same faith, doctrine, and practice is biblical and can bring many blessings.

3. Mature Christians and mature congregations do not establish relationships with churches short on holiness or that do not uphold the TRUTH of God and Christ as set forth in the New Testament.

In different countries of the world, there are congregations which identify themselves as a “Church of Christ,” but do not follow the basic teachings of Christ. Some are not governed by the New Testament, rather by a mixture of the Old Testament and the New. Some are

A graphic of TRUTH in huge gold letters illuminated by a white light on a blue background emphasizes the vital importance of biblical truth to have a church true to God and Christ.

“conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2) in doctrine as well as conduct. Some do not resist the pressures of the culture about them, allowing ungodly lifestyles, indecent dress, traditions, and customs to cancel out the norms of conduct set forth in the pure gospel of Christ. It is important to recognize and mark such congregations, not permitting them to contaminate a sound, biblical congregation with their modernism and sectarianism.

4. Each local congregation organized according to the New Testament is autonomous. This means it is not subjective to any religious council, nor to the leadership or will of other congregations, not even those having the same faith and practice. This right and power of being “independent and self-governing” is clearly evident in the examples of churches established in the first century by the apostles and evangelists sent forth by Christ himself. It means that although other congregations and spiritual leaders may depart from the TRUTH of the New Testament, they have no right nor power to obligate the autonomous congregation to follow them in their apostasy, and that, in and of itself, is a great blessing.

Text and Document Composition by the author Homer Dewayne Shappley. All rights reserved. The only restrictions on the use of this document are the sale of it in any format and proper identification of its origin.

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