January 16, 2022

Dear Friend, may this find you and your loved ones in good health.

My name is Homer Dewayne Shappley. This site is my first developed on my own, using the WIX website creator. Please pardon any shortcomings. If the author of an article or study is not identified, then you may assume I am the author.

Though English is my native language, most of my writing has been, to date, in Spanish (several thousand letter-size pages), plus a little in Papiamento, the dialect spoken in Aruba.

Through December 31, 2021, visitors to my Spanish sites, and 97,318 to this one in English which went live May 21, 2021, number 23,168,994 and documents opened, 43,194,213. I present this data as part of my credentials for also publishing in English. While Spanish is the native tongue of about 320 million people in the world, approximately 1.2 billion people on planet Earth list English as their native tongue or second language.


As a part of my credentials, I will also add that as of December 31, 2021, we have produced 25,861,473 tracts, 433,340 booklets, 35,129 books, 7,720 compact disks, 325,350 cassettes, and 342,350 Bible course lessons, for a Grand Total of 27,005,491. All the materials are Bible-related and almost all are in Spanish. To the Lord all the glory and honor for allowing us to carry on these works, made possible by the contributions of congregations and individuals who have seen fit to underwrite them. With rare exceptions, recipients receive the material free of charge.

I will not be asking you for a donation or trying to sell you anything. My purpose is not to build a personal following nor form some organization that I might govern or exploit. What has motivated me to set up this site is simply the sincere desire to share INFORMATION the reader may find valuable for the intelligent formation of a worthwhile WORLD-COSMOS-SPIRITUAL VIEW based on God the Father's own "view" and desire for all of us. Praying and hoping sincere souls may proceed to align themselves with his noble, loving purpose. For he "wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth." 1 Timothy 2:4

"Spirit of Prophecies" at the top as part of the name may be somewhat misleading, for this site is about much more than prophecy alone, as I hope "Spirit of Truth" indicates. However, "Spirit of Prophecies" does serve to highlight a major category of the material on this site. It is derived from the declaration an angel made to the apostle John recorded in Revelation 19:10. 

"The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Of what other “prophet” on the many stages of world history across the millenniums of humanity’s existence has ever such a statement been made? That the validity and power of his “testimony” would be his “SPIRIT of PROPHECY!”

Simple, yet profound, this declaration contains four of the most important nouns in the English language. The name "Jesus." Then, connected directly with it: "Testimony," "spirit," and "prophecy." The statement is analyzed carefully in the article by the same name on this site.

Whatever you may know or not know, think or not think, about “Jesus,” there can be no denying the importance of his name around the globe of Earth today, for he has 2.22 billion followers or 31.5% of the entire population. Islam is second, with 1.5 billion, Hinduism, third, with 1.05 billion, and Buddhism, fourth, with 488 million.,Hinduism.%204%20Buddhism.%205%20Sikhism.

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Regarding the Bible"Prophecy" is one of the major categories of subjects. It pulsates with "light that shines" in dark places of the mind, heart, and spirit, history too, civilizations, cultures, and nations. Not only for Christians but also in special, practical ways for the great multitudes of people around the globe who do not identify themselves as Christians. Its ongoing relevancy and fulfillment drive our efforts to make its powerful light shine as brightly as possible for the whole world.
2 Peter 1:19-21

"REVELATION: Its Ongoing Relevancy and Fulfillment," is a commentary with several hundred components to be added as time allows for translation from Spanish to English. The process has already begun with 16 entries made. Video clips and more graphics enhance the English edition.

Materials in other categories of spiritual knowledge are also offered as indicated by the links below the graphic in the heading. 

"Born Anew,“…of the water and the Spirit.” God’s Plan of Salvation.

"New Family,i.e., "transferred to the kingdom of God; added to the church Christ built."

"Light for the Mind and spirit,i.e., "instructed, informed, educated, oriented."

"Healing and Comfort,i.e., "consoled, encouraged, motivated, advised, given hope."

"Caught Up,i.e., "carried away to spiritual realms, departed from the physical body, caught up."

“Additional Prophecies,that is, in addition to the book of Revelation.

“Lifestyles and Conduct”

“Science, Evolution, Atheism, Creationism”


“12 Similar sites and resources”

My fervent desire is that every visitor to this site may find here at least some treasure for his or her mind-soul-spirit and that none will stumble on life's road, so as to even turn from the pursuit of the truth, because of any view, opinion, interpretation, or application presented by this writer.

Sincerely, Homer Dewayne Shappley

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