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Short and Medium-length Documents on this Site for Limited Use Smartphones

Smartphone Level 1. One to four minutes.

 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Approximately. Is Your Baptism Valid before God?

4 minutes. Approximately. A long-range prophecy by Jesus of Nazareth was fulfilled 1,937 years after he made it. He affirmed that the times of the Gentile's rule over Jerusalem would come to an END! They DID! June 6, 1967. 5 easy-to-read slides with graphics.

1 minute and 35 seconds“For God so loved the world.” Why does God love the whole world so much? You? Me? Everybody? You may wish to spend more time looking at and appreciating the two beautiful multielement graphics. Easy-to-read text.

Smartphone Level 2. Five to eight minutes.

4 minutes and 45 secondsApproaching God in Search of Pardon, Honor, and Eternal Life.

6 minutesTravels of the Soul-Spirit after the death of the physical body. 2 video clips and 3 graphics.

7 minutes and 15 seconds. Ten Spiritual Truths You May Not Have Known. 3 videos clips and 2 graphics.

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