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         The rider Death, mounting his 
         horse called Pale, followed by
        Hades, continues to spread
     pestilence around planet Earth
  during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Protagonists on stage for the continued
    fulfillment of Revelation and other
      New Testament prophecies.

The Devastating Plagues
of Modern Times

A photograph of a PowerPoint slide with multiple images of Death with a great scythe galloping fiercely on his horse and also relevant texts, all along a timeline showing data on plagues of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Suggestions for reading and studying the above graphic. Begin at the top, left to right. Then, the timeline left to right. Next, look at the data on the right for the 2020 – 2021 COVID-19 plague. Next, the paragraph at the bottom, middle, beginning with "The advances of modern times..." Next, left to right, four more plagues of the 20th and 21st centuries. Concluding with the statement under the date 1960 beginning with "Modern plagues..."

Thus, a visual perspective for the subject can be quickly formed.

Among the beings and events of the 20th and 21st centuries that point toward the progressive fulfillment to completion of pending prophecies of Revelation and other New Testament books, plus some of Daniel, is the rider Death, mounted on his horse called Pale, followed by Hades. They are still very active, spreading pestilence and causing untold deaths around the globe even in this highly technical Digital Age.


The principal plagues of modern times are identified below the timeline, beginning with the year 1900 and continuing to 2021. Among various artistical renderings of Pale and the fearful figure, as of a skeleton, in the saddle carrying a great, sharp scythe.

Three of them are among the topmost deadly plagues in the history of humanity. Specifically: The Spanish Flu Plague, the HIV/AIDS Plague, and the Third Bubonic Plague.

An artistic rendition of black-caped Death riding a pale horse at full gallop against a background of reds and shades of dark green,
A photograph of a surgeon standing in a surgical room surrounded by very modern operating equipment used for open-heart procedures.

This, despite such great knowledge, expertise, and inventions that we are left with our mouths open in astonishment.

The five plagues identified have occurred in the 20th and 21st centuries even while the most spectacular advances in the history of humanity were being made in the chemical-medical sciences, as well as in engineering, production, transportation, and communication. And that, in the short space of only 120 years.

Not very promising circumstances with reference to the power of human beings of present times to actually eliminate plagues that continue striking with disconcerting regularity and fearful severity.

A photograph of an Asian woman working with a powerful electron microscope several feet taller than she is to which many cords and cables are connected.

To the which not a small number of our species appeal, confident that not only will our scientists soon learn to detect every plague in its very inception, immediately stopping its contagious diffusion, but that also permanent cures will be found for embarrassing and painful sexually transmitted diseases, cancers of all kinds, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, obesity, cardiac diseases, incontinence, impotence, baldness, and even old age!  

Also invoking such impressive attainments those who laugh contemptuously at anyone who mentions certain plagues prophesied in Revelation as still pending, for example, the “seven plagues, which are the last”. Revelation 15 and 16

                                         Nevertheless, it appears that the CORONAVIRUS itself, classified by 
                                         scientists themselves as a “living being," with the caveat that many disagree, laughs at, and taunts them! Revealing before the population of the whole world the weakness and vanity of such illusions, attitudes, and actions.

An Image of five coronaviruses and two DNA strands in a three-dimensional view on a background of swirling reds and blues.

Just so, because in these times of such fabulous knowledge and expertise, of computerized tomography, of electron microscopes, and DNA sequencing, it took a year for the best scientists and laboratories in the world to develop vaccines effective enough to thwart Coronavirus, though not 100%.

Then, producing the vaccines in sufficient quantities to inoculate just the people most susceptible to falling victim continues to be a challenge, even at this date (April 19, 2021), in not a few areas of the globe.

To top it off, that malicious, highly complicated microscopic life form called “Coronavirus” is mutating in such a way that, as of late, it is also attacking teenagers and young adults!

Protected it its lipid bilayer envelope and nucleocapsid of helical symmetry, it is capable of preserving its life for hours, even days, outside of any host cell.

Changing its makeup. Mutating, as if it had a brain, purpose, and will. Adapting, proliferating exponentially, and reaping more and more human lives for Hades that follows along after it. As if impelled by some force outside itself, above and beyond any power of the mere proteins of different kinds that compose it.

In the foregoing paragraph, I use terms related to concepts that purely secular people and atheists consider superstitious, irrational foolishness.

Nevertheless, personally, it appears to me that they harmonize more with realities than the theses of those whose intelligence is limited solely to the material, physical world.

Let us suppose that COVID-19 continued mutating in such a way that the vaccines now in use would become ineffective. A terrifying scenario not beyond the possibility of becoming a reality, I would reason, considering the multiple mutations that are already alive and proliferating out there. Then, what? A frenzied search for a new vaccine to control each new, resistant mutation, and if found, a new round of inoculations for hundreds and hundreds of millions!

Returning to the timeline in the graphic at the beginning, the COVID-19 plague, at the end of the line, is the latest in the series of major plagues registered during the 20th and 21st centuries. With relevant data to April 19, 2021.

Numerous investigations reveal that human beings themselves are responsible for the origin and global spread of Coronavirus.

Be that because of carelessness in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

It is thus that, in violation of the dictates of common sense, cleanliness, and reason, the  handling and eating of wild creatures that reside
                                              in dank, feces,
                                              urine contami-
                                              nated places of
                                              the material
                                              world, results in a
                                              deadly, global 

                                              plague that is still
                                              at its apogee a
                                              year and four
                                              months after
                                              being let loose by
                                              human beings

Be it due to the handling and consumption of a species of bat that carries the virus.

A photograph of a young Chinese woman eating a bat, image relevant to the origin of the Covid-19 virus, for an article on The devastating plagues of modern times.

The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 to 1920 became one of the most lethal plagues in the history of humanity.

Image of data and three paintings of Death riding his pale horse and armed with a great scythe, a multielement graphic on the Bubonic plagues.

142,191,027 is the number of infected globally to April 19, 2021. The number of deaths is 3,035,674.

Graphic of data on infections and deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic, image for the article The devastating plagues of modern times.

The total cost to the world economy, who could quantify it? It is absolutely astronomical.

The social-psychological impact on every stratum of the human race, how can it possibly be measured?

Approximately 500,000,000 human beings were infected. That is, a third of the world population of that time.

It has proven difficult to establish the number of deaths. At least, 20,000,000. Perhaps, according to the calculations of some experts in such matters, even up to 100,000,000.

The third bubonic plague began in 1855, in China, and continued to 1960, the year in which less than 200 deaths were attributed to the bacteria Yersinia pestis.

During its duration of 105 years, about 10,000,000 died in India, and 2 to 5 million in the rest of the world.

Even to this day some victims are registered each year. The latest outbreaks were in Peru, Argentina, and the western area of the United States.

Basically, this horrendous plague is attributable to the lack of human hygiene, for it is spread by infected lice carried by small animals such as rats and cats, or is transmitted by human contact with infected dead animals.

In this portion of the graphic, we observe that:

Modern plagues are the cause of severe
TRIALS for governments
, churches, and the affected populace.

How they confront them and what they have
learned in consequence of them are intriguing
subjects for extensive investigation.

A very old, black and white photograph of a wagon load of the bodies of people killed by the Third Bubonic Plague in China.

Now we focus in on the HIV/AIDS plague that began in 1981 and continues to this day.

A photograph of a crowd of people carrying signs saying Stop HIV Now.
A photograph of a portion of a PowerPoint slide composed of data an graphics on the HIV/AIDS plague and the Swine Flu plague.

32,700,000 deaths have been registered to it.

In 2019, there were 38,000,000 people with AIDS. The majority in Africa.

There is no effective vaccine against AIDS. No cure. Only medicinal remedies to alleviate somewhat the condition.

HIV/AIDS. A horrendous plague that is completely attributable to the abnormal lifestyles of its human victims.

To unnatural sexual relationships such as sodomy. To obsessions with sex and vices in general including pornography, adultery, fornication, prostitution, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.

Therefore, a terrible plague completely avoidable!

But, nevertheless, 690,000 deaths were tallied up for it in 2019 alone.

The economic cost has been astronomical. For facilities, medical personnel, medicines, and other treatments for the hundreds of millions of infected since 1981 to the present. For the resources invested in searches for an effective vaccine and medicines to combat the physical deterioration and suffering of victims.

Despite this lugubrious scenario kept alive and current to this day, the policy of very many governments, courts, educational institutions, social organizations of every kind, even of many churches and religions of today, is, as irrational and inconceivable as it may seem:

A night photograph of the White House bathed in the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ community.

To approve and back, officially and publicly, the ugly, lethel pack of evils and vices that keep the HIV/AIDS plague viral!

Uniting, as they are doing more and more worldwide,
under the standards of “Tolerance” and “Inclusion,
terms they define according to their own agendas
and passions as “absolutes” that every member of
the human race has to accept on pain of social-economic-legal reprisals.

An Image of the hand and index finger of a man who is pushing a globe of Earth over the edge of high cliff, against a blurry background of cloudy skies.

Thus, allying themselves with secular-political-pagan entities of past times that did more or less the same, including Sodom, Gomorra, and the rest of the cities of the Jordan River plains, on the shores of the Dead Sea.

And with such a mentality, vision, and agenda they stand out on the global stage of the 21st century among the most Powerful Protagonists who push the world to the complete fulfillment of the pending prophecies of Revelation.

Text and Document Composition by the author Homer Dewayne Shappley. All rights reserved. The only restrictions on the use of this document are the sale of it in any format and proper identification of its origin.

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