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SIGNS taking place today in JEWS and GENTILES

A SIGN from modern Israel

The world-famous city of Jerusalem was trodden underfoot, partially or completely, by GENTILES during 1,897 long years.

The city was libe-rated from Gentile control on June 10, 1967.

A prophecy fulfilled that was made 1,934 years before!

Israelites throng before the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem to celebrate the victory of Israel in the Six Days War in 1967, illustration for Signs taking place today in Jews and Gentiles. A sign from modern Israel..

Before the Wailing Wall, part of the underpinning foundation of Herod’s temple, Jews celebrate the liberation of Jerusalem in June of 1967.

If you were 20 years old, or older, on June 10, 1967, did you see that amazing "SIGN of the TIMES?"

If you were younger, did you perchance learn about that EVENT-SIGN at some point in your life,
understanding it was the fulfillment of a major prophecy?

A stormy sky with blacks and reds at sunset, illustration for: Signs taking place today in Jews and Gentiles. A sign from modern Israel.

Are you yourself aware of the
"SIGNS of the TIMES?" 

Matthew 16:3

Are you a part of them?

“When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the SIGNS of the TIMES.”

Do you care, or not care?

To IGNORE them is to risk future DANGERS of which you may not be duly informed! Would you take just a few moments of your valuable time to inform yourself about a tremendous “SIGN of the TIMES” that took place in 1967?

Jerusalem was trodden underfoot by Gentiles peoples from the year 70 of the first century, when the Roman army laid waste to it, until June 10, 1967, when the Israeli army captured East Jerusalem, unifying the whole city under the government of the Jews. A victory they celebrate on the "Day of Jerusalem."

These facts are surely to be counted among the most conspicuous and important signs of all the ages of humanity. In part, because the termination of Gentile dominion over Jerusalem was publicly foretold by a Jew 1,934 years before its amazing unfolding. He said:

“And they [the Israelites-Jews] shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” 1

The small numbers in green correspond to the same numbers at the foot of this document where relevant sources of information are cited.

The fulfillment of the first clause of the proclamation: “And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations…” began in the most unbelievably tragic and fearful way during the years 67 to 70 of the first century, when more than one million Jews perished in Jerusalem as a consequence of:

The city of Jerusalem under seige by Roman legions in 67 to 70 CE, illustration for: Signs taking place today in Jews and Gentiles. A sign from modern Israel.

(a) Bloody internal conflicts between Jewish factions within the city and...

(b) The devastating siege of the city sustained by the Roman army for more than three brutal years.

When the Jewish defenders were defeated at last, those who survived were banished to other lands. All Jews were prohibited, under pain of death, from even setting foot on the ruins of that once great, rich, and beautiful city. 

These events are recorded in considerable detail by the renowned Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. 2

It is a fact, then, that the Romans, a race of Gentiles, completely trod Jerusalem underfoot in the year 70 CE, leaving it like a barren, burned field. And from that date forward, for nineteen centuries, the city remained under the control of Gentiles of different origins, nationalities, and religious beliefs. Without a doubt, the second clause of the extraordinary proclamation of that Jew: “…and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled,” was fulfilled to the letter of the law!

Those Jews who are cognizant of their very long, colorful, and convulsed history, know the Gentiles did that very thing. 

From the year 70 of the Common Age to the present day, the Jewish race has been fiercely persecuted through almost two millenniums. Not always. Nevertheless, often. In numerous countries. Repeated banishments, barbarous pogroms, and massacres. And worst of all, the blasphemous “Holocaust,” horror of horrors.

Photograph of the skyline of modern Jerusalem, illustration for: Signs taking place today in Jews and Gentiles. A sign from modern Israel.

Not a few historians are astonished, observing that any other people submitted to so many persecutions would have disappeared from the face of the earth. But, the JEWS? Well, no! They rise up again , prosper, and govern. Once more they possess their Promised Land. And, in addition, their shining Jerusalem, reunified, and no longer trodden under foot by Gentiles!  A very great SIGN manifest to all informed inhabitants of the world. It would behoove all who have not seen it to become informed, for this sign is one of an interrelated group of signs of crucial relevance to the times we are living. That is my humble perception. We shall see.

Left, above. An electric train moves through Modern Jerusalem. Below. The skyline of a part of the city.

The Jewish people, far from being exterminated by their many enemies, have been preserved, because their God continues to love them to this very day. Another illustrious countryman of theirs from ancient times predicted this would happen. 3 And to still another it was revealed that their God would prepare a place where their race would be protected. 4 If he had not done it, certainly they would have ceased to exist as a people long ago.

And, marvel of marvels, that same long-living prophet- he died at the age of about 114- was given a fantastic vision for his race, according to which a multitude of them, principally the younger generations, would be rescued and glorified precisely during the days previous to the end of the world and time. 5

Now then, the sudden fulfillment in 1967 of the proclamation about Jerusalem being trodden underfoot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled exploded like heavy cannon thunder for the studious of divine signs, dramatically validating the veracity, and by inference, the authenticity of its author. Born in Bethlehem, he was raised in Nazareth. He was called Jesus. This Jesus is the author of the very explicit prophecy fulfilled in 1967, nineteen centuries after it was enunciated!

Above. An Israeli soldier carries large shells to a tank firing into Lebanon during the Six Days War in June 1967.

Below. The flag of Israel.

The Jewish people have garnered fame for being exceptionally intelligent, cerebral, rational. At this late date, would it not be altogether logical for them to recognize that humble but powerful teacher and prophet for what he claimed to be? The promised Messiah. In their deliberations in that regard, not allow themselves to be confused by the decisions made by their forbearers. Their God will treat justly the 

just and good among them, as he does with those of all nations. 6 Rather, confront the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus as indisputable evidence of his true spiritual identity, that they may be worthy of the tremendous blessings still reserved for them.

Proceeding to study and follow the New Testament of the Prophet-Messiah Jesus, for in it he lays forth clearly what both Jews and Gentiles -first to the Jews, then to the Gentiles- what each and every human being needs to do to be pleasing to “the only true and living God,” actions which also result in the marvelous reconciliation of “the two groups,” his “purpose” being “to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace.” 7

Beloved, while there may be some, even many, matters about life, God, and the Bible you are not yet able to understand and explain to your satisfaction, as is the case with me, one overriding matter I can understand, and it is that a prophecy made by a Jew in about the year 30 of this Common Era was precisely fulfilled 1,934 years later in June 1967! He prophesied Jerusalem would be liberated from Gentile dominion, and it has happened!

Think about it. Theoretically, Jerusalem might have continued to this day (July 10, 2021), and even to the end of the world and time, under some kind of Gentile government. However, it did not, and the prophet Jesus of Nazareth saw that it would not. How could he know that, stating it so emphatically? “The times of the Gentiles” would “be fulfilled, and Jerusalem would be freed from their rule. They were fulfilled, in June 1967. He knew it would happen because he was truly imbued with the spirit of prophecy.” Who gave him that powerful, far-seeing “spirit?” The same God-Creator-Father who empowered Moses and Isaiah to prophesy the coming of a Savior-Messiah! Think about it, and you might rationally act on it by considering the rest of “the testimony of Jesus.” Deuteronomy 18:17-20; Isaiah 53

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10

This example highlights why the “word of prophecy” fulfilled is “more sure” even than eye-witness testimony. “We have also a more sure word of prophecy, unto which you do well that you take heed, as unto a light that shines in a dark place…” 2 Peter 1:19

1 Luke 21:24   

2 Wars of the Jews 

3 Saul of Tarsus, in Romans 11:1-6, 28-32    

4 John, in Revelation 12:14-17. The woman of the vision represents the earthly Jewish race. 

5 Revelation 7:1-8; 14:1-5   

6 Acts 10:34-35; Rom. 2:11-16  

7 Acts 26:20; John 17:3; Ephesians 2:14-18

Text and Document Composition by the author Homer Dewayne Shappley. All rights reserved. The only restrictions on the use of this document are the sale of it in any format and proper identification of its origin.

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