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"The  Astonishing Treasure of Incredible Rewards the Great REWARDER Offers"
For personal instruction, classes, or a message to share.  Suggestion for images 2 - 6. First, read the text on the left side. Then, consider the graphics on the right side, keeping in mind their symbolic nature, and also reading the additional texts.
A painting of a large blueish green open treasure chest resting on a smooth greenish black surface streaked by lines and areas in shades of yellow, tans, and light orange, a brilliant white light coming up out of the chest with small stars rising, all against a black celestial background spotted by stars and wispy multicolored, undulating waves of nebulous matter.
Back view image of a woman and a man who are approaching by means of a paved walkway in celestial dimensions wide tiers of steps that lead to a great pearl door opened wide that provides entrance to the New Jerusalem on the New Earth, while another robed man is already climbing the first tier of steps, being received by two angels with wings spread wide and above them the words Welcome to Heaven.
A digitally created image of a tall celestial arch in shades of blue-green set against star studded heavens and resting on an infinitely large surface with shimmering blue and white patterns, and in the foreground an intense white light throwing blue and white rays upwards and outwards, with concise texts on the left about All Things Being Made New.
In this composite graphic, an abstract sphere in light shades of purple and gray rises, in artistic representation of the New Earth, out of mists into bright white light with the words in blue New Earth, with New Heavens above it, while this scene a sphere in black, white, and streaks of dark green flees through blackish green space from before the One seated on the White Throne.
An artistic visualization of the New Celestial City of God, represented in shades of gold, purple, yellow, and red, coming down out of Heaven to rest on the New Earth which is represented by the upper portion of an abstract, blue, and white sphere, with, at its apex, a powerful white light and rays fanning upwards toward the Celestial City.
An image of the globe of Earth with wispy blue-green and white abstract chirus-type clouds floating over and around its lower portion, and another image of a long blue laser light shining from 28 CE to the End of the Universe and Time, illustrate a message on Reasons for believing Rewards promised are not mere fantasies but are real.
An image of the silhouette of a man, back view, standing at the upper end of a stairway in an open door with star-studded celestial space before him in which appears a sphere in shades of blue and gold and a giant golden cube coming down to it, is an artistic visualization in indigo blues and lighter shades of the New Earth, with New Heavens.

Here is a “DIAMOND TRUTH” that highlights a REWARD of a “SPIRITUAL WARFARE CATEGORY” that GOD promises to give to his SOLDIERS LOYAL to HIM UNTIL DEATH.

A large multifaceted purple diamond rest on a light purple and white background in the lower portion of this image, melding into a black background above it, with multicolored, artistic text highlighting the Diamond Truth about the reward of Authority over the Nations.

Other relevant texts

Ephesians 6:10-20; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6; 2 Timothy 2:3-6; 4:6-8

Graphics and texts by Homer Dewayne Shappley

All rights reserved


Enlightened Understanding and Intelligence

Comfort and Healing for the Sick and Bereaved

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